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I hooked up SeriLog to my webjob app and everything seemed to be fine until random "null" messages started appearing in the console.


I found an old...

I have a single solution for this site that contains WebApp, WebJob and Database project type, along with the standard class libraries.

The Database does not need to be part of the build. In fact, the build process could not find and restore the correct library, so the action...

I refactored a chunk of code from an existing solution into a new project and created a new repository. Everything worked fine locally, but the github actions failed for multiple reasons.

One reason was that the new relative project references needed to be configured in the yml.

Another was that...

One somewhat annoying feature of the TradeStation Development Environment is the storage of all easylanguage code within the proprietary system.

This makes versioning or code repository actions pretty awkward as you need to constantly copy-paste between a the TradeStation development environment...

Testing multiple browsers is something every web developer looks forward to.

IE 11 can be a real treat, especially if in Compatability Mode.

Make sure your first meta tag inside head is:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

This will disable compatability mode.


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