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upgrading to setup-dotnet@v4 requires quotes around paths with spaces

I wanted to bring my github action yaml up to the latest versions (v4), but ran into problems with the "simple" dotnet publish command.

I moved from setup-dotnet@v1 to setup-dotnet@v4, which now has a requirement to enclose any path with spaces in double quotes.


dotnet publish -c Release -o ${{env.DOTNET_ROOT}}/myapp


dotnet publish -c Release -o "${{env.DOTNET_ROOT}}/myapp"

If you miss this and your output folder has a space in the path, the publish action will error out with: MSBUILD : error MSB1008: Only one project can be specified.

v1 had an output path with no spaces, where v4 goes to program files - nice!

Notice below how the -o command stops at c:\Program and the rest is passed with the project parameter, making it look like two files are being passed to the switch. yuck.


Here is the run after quoting the output directory:


An unhandled error has occurred. Reload 🗙