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I created an xUnit project for use with Playwright and added it to my existing solution. It did not have any project references and none of the existing projects referenced it.

I created a quick stub to test out the playwright.yml which is configured to run after the deploy.

Everything built and...

I have a single solution for this site that contains WebApp, WebJob and Database project type, along with the standard class libraries.

The Database does not need to be part of the build. In fact, the build process could not find and restore the correct library, so the action...

I refactored a chunk of code from an existing solution into a new project and created a new repository. Everything worked fine locally, but the github actions failed for multiple reasons.

One reason was that the new relative project references needed to be configured in the yml.

Another was that...

Every library has its quirks and MudBlazor is no different. CSS isolation takes a couple tweaks, but seems to work fine after implemented.

Detailed discussion on GtHub

I have a Blazor component to render content created at...

Part of updating the website included changing the key vault permission from Vault Access Policy to the recommended role-based access control.


This required assigning...

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