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Playwright test project creates large artifacts in github actions

I created an xUnit project for use with Playwright and added it to my existing solution. It did not have any project references and none of the existing projects referenced it.

I created a quick stub to test out the playwright.yml which is configured to run after the deploy.

Everything built and deployed but the entire process took over 12 minutes vs 5 min before the test project. The resulting artifact was 250meg vs @35meg.

I downloaded the 250meg artifact and unzipped it locally. The .playwright folder under Debug\net8.0 had been copied to both the webapp and the webjob deployment at @75 meg each.

That made no sense and pushed me over the free artifact storage of 500meg, so I removed the Tests project from each build and everything shrunk down.

Build with Tests project


Build without Tests project


Time difference


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