Hair of the dog that bit you, in more ways than one.

Sanctuary: A Novel (Jack Taylor Novels)


Jack is on the move.

Cross: A Novel (Jack Taylor Novels)

Big Fish

Started off strong but lost me after a while.

Big Fish

Hit Me

Block should put this series to rest, but stamp collectors might revolt.

Hit Me (A John Keller novel)

Silken Prey

Lucas keeps on trucking. Seems a bit wheezy though.

Silken Prey

Shadow Woman

This one drags a bit, but not bad overall.

Shadow Woman (Jane Whitefield Novels)

A Drop of the Hard Stuff

A pretty not bad series.

A Drop of the Hard Stuff (Matthew Scudder)

The Killing of the Tinkers

Jack Taylor has got to be one of the weirdest protagonists in crime fiction.

The Killing of the Tinkers: A Novel (Jack Taylor)

The Face-Changers

A lot of twists and turns. Seemed to be unraveling, but author keeps it together.

The Face-Changers (Jane Whitefield)

Dance for the Dead

Pretty unique protagonist - keeps a steady pace.

Dance for the Dead , A Jane Whitefield Novel

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