The following are examples of solutions I have implemented.

  • Webservice to automate data delivery
  • Report engine to automate excel report generation and delivery through ftp and email
  • Website with link level access based off a user's subscription
  • SSIS packages to keep new database in sync with legacy system during migration
  • Console app to scrape financial web sites and generate csv files
  • Web app to extract Form 4 data from and populate database
  • Website to facilitate event registration and the streaming of live audio
  • Salesforce API integration for website lead follow-up
  • Automation of Adword campaign through Google API
  • Excel Add-in for data delivery
  • Credit card processing through PayPal and
  • Custom CRM website for insurance agency
  • Automated rate plan auditing for telecom firm
  • Automated population of telecom switch rates
  • Migration of billing system to new vendor
  • Windows application to build excel reports and charts