Here are some excerpts from solutions I have implemented and the sector or company where the work was performed.

Financial data provider

Worked with company founders to build new site from scratch. Implemented menu and chart functionality using jQuery and Dundas charting controls. Created web service to allow subscribers to extract custom views of mutual fund data. Created security model that allowed for controlling of user access down to individual links, based on a client’s subscription.

Project lead for data migration from Filemaker to SQL Server. Managed remote programmers, created database architecture and kept platform and legacy data in sync until cutover. Built excel add-in for custom data access. Created automated report engine for data feed delivery. Maintained data loading process.

Built windows application to administer all aspects of the data coding and publication. Implemented security architecture to allow read only, update only or full data access. Developed auditing methodology that allowed administrators to track all changes to data and roll back to a specific point in time.


Created website to assist in tracking new agent and client leads. Allowed client to monitor new agent training and client status. Custom reports provided information on business performance. Agents received automated emails as they progressed through business training. Integrated on-line payment for training classes.


Three separate applications tracked similar corporate information. Met with users and assisted with specification for the new system. Responsible for analysis of existing systems, development of database architecture and application functionality. Converted existing data for import into new system.


Created website that utilized existing database, eliminating duplicate data entry required by original vendor. System provided instant updates for menu changes and allowed customers to submit orders through website.


Wrote application to extract log files from a telephone switch and import into database. Created reporting front end that also allowed for data export. Configured mySql replication scheme to centralize log file data.

Created invitation system for conference calls. Allowed users to create groups and send out invitations to participate in conference calls


Modified existing code to incorporate new features for document repository management. Streamlined system architecture to facilitate on-going maintenance. Facilitated migration of code to clients who maintained separate systems.

Informed Investors

Responsible for design, development, implementation and maintenance of database and website: informedinvestors.com. Used templates to extract site information from database, rather than static pages. Incorporated audio streaming and created on-line store. Templates improved design consistency and reduced effort required to maintain site.

Outsourcing of webcasts was becoming cost prohibitive. Configured phone and media servers at co-location facility and integrated new functionality into the existing web site. Developed database and interface for viewing PowerPoint slides and ask questions in real time. One year cost savings exceeded $80k.

Detailed information on website activity was required and could not be obtained through existing reporting tools. Developed database and application to extract log file data and provide client with important feedback on the number of webcast participants. Wrote twenty stored procedures to expedite processing time of large log files.

Credit card processing method required manual entry of card numbers and totals. Developed an on-line store to automate the authorization process and eliminate eight hours of weekly data entry. Created reconciliation reports to assist accounting department.

Sales Department requested assistance in gathering leads. Developed four separate applications and databases to extract information from identified web sites. Data imported into existing CRM, eliminating hours of manual data entry.

Investor Relations Technology

Client required a way to distribute investor relations information without incurring printing costs. Developed software and database to extract corporate data, format into HTML documents and package the information for email distribution. Process allowed client to distribute more frequent updates of changing corporate information.

Client wanted daily reports on activity in Internet stock boards relating to company. Reviewed leading boards and developed application and database to extract URL, summary and author information. Client received automated email reports daily.

Developed application and database to extract quarterly earning information on thousands of publicly traded corporations from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Application retrieved and parsed text files from the SEC site, then loaded them into SQL Server. Developed browser-based query tool with client-side validation and charting of daily statistics.


Designed and implemented webcasting site. Created interface to allow clients to view statistics and control presentations remotely.

Developed Visual Basic application to automate encoding process and overlay scripts onto the live stream. Set up password protection for confidential presentations.

Built application to automatically convert PowerPoint presentations loaded to the web server into images for use with the Webcast.

US Airline

Client needed to convert three years of data modeling effort from ADW to IEF. Conceived and implemented solution where the data was extracted from ADW and loaded into DB2. Process migrated 28 database models, some of which contained over 14,000 objects. Application saved hundreds of hours budgeted for data entry.

Client needed to determine the database dependencies through the various stages of implementation, but CASE tool could not perform the required analysis. Developed application that extracted information from DB2, eliminating the manual comparison of hundred page reports.

Financial services firm

Lead database developer for intranet. Responsible for evaluation and implementation of software to distribute information within the company. Helped port several legacy systems to the intranet, enabling management to evaluate the potential uses for the new technology.

Client wanted to reduce cost of distributing a thousand page monthly report to thousands of member institutions. Assisted with development of application and database that enabled users to quickly locate contact information and reduce shipping expenses. Streamlined the mainframe data extraction process from five days to twelve hours.